1. KING SHARK, New Generation Of Squalene From The Deep-Sea Shark Oil! The Pride Of Our Emperor IX's Professional R & D Team.
  2. New Generation Of Squalene From The Deep-Sea Shark Oil, Is Your Best Companion For A Healthy Life.
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Company Introduction
As early as the beginning of this century, the world's top 100 Pfizer sought resources cooperation in Southeast Asia, layer by layer screening, strict control, and finally selected Thailand. Because thailand has a surpassing coastline, rich environmental protection of marine resources, more superior labor costs, thailand's most joint venture pharmaceutical company support pack, located in Bangkok , covering an area of 42,000 Square meter and costed $350 million, is a collection of deep-sea fishing, product research and development, and production for the joint venture. After the production in Thailand, due to the introduction of advanced technology in the United States, the product quality is superior, and the effect is significantly better than similar products on the Thailand market .After years of deep cultivation, the products have accumulated a good reputation. The cooperation project with the scientific research department of Mahidol University has received the attention of the Royal Thai government and has been injected with fresh blood. The addition of the scientific research team of Emperor IX has added new wings to support pack pharmaceutical company. The company has more forward-looking professional R & D capabilities and more stability in the products developed and produced. Therefore, it has always been ranked first in the Thai market.
Due to the expanding market demand, the company has expanded a number of production bases and subsidiaries in Thailand. In recent years, support pack specializes in shark research. Sharks are the only non-cancer species on Earth. Even if many kinds of cancer cells are injected into the shark, it is completely immune. After years of scientific experiments, the natural extraction of EPA from shark liver and any chemical addition, the third generation of shark oil has been successfully developed, with EPA content of 90% , the normal deep-sea oil is less than 40 %. Shark oil can fundamentally remove liquid waste, protect the health of the tube, it will bring millions of patients with brain disease bliss. In a short period of time, the patented products are sold to Europe and the United States such as the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, etc., as well as Singapore, with excellent quality, good curative effect and favorable price. They have rapidly won the approval of the market and have been accredited by UKAS, URS and other authorities for consecutive year.